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Branch's Bend: Building a Passive House

Branch’s Bend is a certified passive house. What does that mean? In short, attention to the houses orientation, its use of passive solar practices, and its superior building envelope, results in minimal annual energy costs. Through the design process we worked with an energy engineer to create the most cost effective and efficient building system to meet the PHIUS Home standards.

Branch’s Bend presented a special design issue because we needed to combine the client’s tastes for more contemporary lines and the house’s location in a traditional setting. By staying true to traditional proportions while refining the details, the finished home met the client's tastes while looking natural on its urban site.

Branch's Bend Floor Plans and Elevations

Awards Article in Eastern Shore News October 16, 2012

Article on Branch's Bend in the Virginian-Pilot January 2012

What is a Passive House?

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